Corporate courage? Show us….

A draft text, for a request to Roche top management:

Dear Roche senior managers.

On your corporate website you are describing your purpose as “doing now what patients need next”. Today, as you know, our societies need you to walk an extra mile. Now we need you: “to do immediately what patients need most urgently”.

According to your website, you expect your employees to live the Roche values: Integrity, courage & passion. However, not all your managers seem to have understood.

You will be aware that since yesterday your company is showing behavior contrary to the Roche-values. Of course we are referring here to the not so courageous reaction by Roche to the journalists of Follow The Money.

You will probably agree with us that there is no time to lose in correcting this, before this may start turning your carefully built image upside down.

So, we urge you to react to the journalist’s request and release the recipe -if applicable also the patent- of the lysis buffer.

Today’s circumstances are very special. We understand that a large organization such as yours needs some time to understand the far-reaching implications of this. So, see our reminder today as a welcome bit of outside help.

Roche coming into action now will not only be in the public interest, but also in the interest of your investors.

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